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What Therapy can do for You

Most people at some stage in their lives experience problems or challenges that they perceive as overwhelming.  These problems or challenges may be of a personal or interpersonal nature and present in different environments such as home, educational, work, family, and social areas.  People benefit from talking and working through their problems or challenges with a psychologist.

Through therapy, people learn more about themselves.  They discover ways to overcome difficulties, develop inner strength or skills, or make changes in themselves or their situations.

Often it feels good to have a person to vent your feelings to and sometimes it is useful to learn different techniques to deal with stress.

Research shows that after psychological intervention people generally rate themselves as:

  • Feeling happier
  • Coping better
  • Being more in control of their lives, making good choices
  • Experiencing a sense of inner peace and connectedness with nature, and
  • Discovering more about themselves

Psychological intervention usually involves:

  • Identifying the problems and challenges
  • Verbalizing thoughts and feelings surrounding the problems and challenges that are experienced
  • Obtaining professional opinion on the problem and challenge
  • Deciding on a plan of action
  • Activating and monitoring the plan which is aimed at achieving particular objectives

In summary:  You could learn about your motivations that plays a role in your behaviour in certain situations or about your inner strengths.  You could learn about new coping skills, develop more patience or learn to like yourself better.  You could learn to handle problems in new ways.