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Legal Matters in a Rhyme

Hey, yo, let’s talk about the common law in California for those living together
No ring on the finger, but the love is real, learn the rules and avoid stormy weather
Know the legal implications, and how to stay together without any fight
In the sunshine state, living with bae just right

Switching gears, let’s address the importance of medical records in the legal scene
These documents carry weight, and knowing their impact is keen
From privacy to malpractice, the law is clear
Understanding the implications, can help you steer

Now let’s jet over to India, where we ponder the duration of law
From the British Raj, to the modern day, the legal system has much to draw
Diverse and rich, with roots deep and wide
The law of the land, with much to abide

Shifting focus to business, what category does a restaurant fall under
Is it retail or service, or something else to ponder
When you’re cooking up a storm, and serving meals with delight
Knowing the legal category, can keep your business tight

Moving along, let’s take a peek at the Merrill Lynch Legal Department
When it comes to finances, and investments to augment
The legal team is there, to provide support
From regulations to compliance, they hold down the fort

Heading to the museum, let’s explore the curator requirements
Preserving history and art, with diligence and endurance
From curation to conservation, the legal guidelines apply
Protecting artifacts, under the watchful eye

Jumping over to the Big Apple, how much does a contract lawyer in NYC make
From negotiations to drafting, the salary is nothing to shake
Legal eagles in the city, commanding top dollar
The legal field is hot, with no need to holler

Needing a boost, let’s explore legal drugs to help focus
From ginseng to ginkgo, and everything in between
Enhancing concentration, without any caffeine
Boosting productivity, and sharpening the mind
Legal ways to focus, that are easy to find

Before we go, let’s end with a signature statement example
From contracts to letters, expressing yourself with a sample
A closing statement, to seal the deal
A signature of your own, with a personal appeal

Lastly, are real estate broker fees tax deductible?
In the world of property, where transactions abound
Knowing the tax implications, can help your wallet be sound
Deductions and credits, for every real estate pro
Understanding the law, and making the most of what you know